Studiobricks Assembly, 5×4 Triple-Wall

For years, my husband, Mike, has been begging me to invest in a top-tier sound room for my voice-over business. According to him, a business owner should invest 10% into their business each year. He says that, but I think he’s just tired of my grouchiness. What can I say? There are only so many leaf blowers, barking dogs, and idling trucks, a voice talent can handle. Either way, he was right. 

After months of anticipation, my Studiobricks finally arrived! A 2135Lb, massive recording room (that required a forklift to remove from the delivery truck!) with noise-reduction that lives up to the hype. Like many talents, over the years I’ve converted rooms and closets into recording booths. The problem is that insulation, drywall, and bass traps do not provide enough sound barrier from the outside world.

With the help of my husband, assembly only took two days, a few hours each day. The video is below. It’s not ready for use, yet. I still need to bring in the mic and hook up the equipment, but I already love this thing. As a test run, I closed myself inside. Mike asked, “Do you hear the car?”

I listened closely, then smiled. “Nope!”

That, my friends, is a total win. And why Studiobricks is already worth every. single. cent.

I’ll post a how-to video soon for those who need a bit of guidance assembling their own booths. This product is handmade and customized, so there are no set instructions on assembly. Yep, we had to figure this thing out like a puzzle. Thank goodness my husband is good at puzzles.

Happy VO’ing!



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