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MORE Tax Deductions for the Voice-Over Pro

As home-based pros, we often focus our tax deducting attention on the easy business deductions, which is a great starting point. This week, let’s expand our reach a bit further. Continue reading “MORE Tax Deductions for the Voice-Over Pro”

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EASY Tax Deductions for the Voice-Over Pro

I miss the good ole’ days when all I had to do was tap info into Turbo Tax then wait in anticipatory delight to find out how many thou$ands Uncle Sam would return to me. Back then, I was still working in the world of corporate radio where CBS, Cox, or whomever, deducted taxes on my behalf. Now, as a home-based business owner, I am on my own.

Many tax professionals claim millions of Americans overpay their taxes every year, and I used to be one of them. For years, I kept horrible records and never really tracked anything. All my receipts (the ones I could find, anyway) were stuffed in a few different places: a photo box on the shelf, a kitchen drawer, the backseat of my car, in a few different handbags… I clearly did not take my deductions very seriously.

So when April 15th rolled around, I cringed. Watching tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars vanish from a bank account is not an easy thing to do, and it was especially brutal when voice-over became my full-time career. I needed to keep as much of that money as I could.  Continue reading “EASY Tax Deductions for the Voice-Over Pro”

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Voice-Over vs. Allergies

Voice talents have it pretty rough. Sure, our workday commute starts in our bedroom and ends in our home studio; and yes, we have the option to spend our workdays wearing super-cozy pajamas, if we choose to. But there is a danger out there, lurking in the trees and in the air, creeping into our homes and infecting us – no, debilitating us!!! – before we realize it has even struck.

LARYNGITIS. (dun-dun-dun!) Continue reading “Voice-Over vs. Allergies”



When I decided to reformat my website, I scoured the internet looking for ideas and inspiration. In my search, I realized a couple things about myself:

Continue reading “Welcome!”