3 Imaging Clients Among 2018 CMA Broadcast Nominees!!

Before the fun long weekend starts, I’d like to send some HUGE hugs out to some of my fave country radio clients, who were nominated this week for 2018 CMA Broadcast Awards!! These fab stations are COUNTRY JUGGERNAUTS, y’all!! And I’m honored to Vox with ’em!! #radioimaging #VO #VOboss #countryradio #CMA
CMA Congrats

Congrats to ACM Large Market Personality of the Year – Dale Carter!! #ClientsILove

As the imaging voice of so many distinguished country stations across the US and Canada, I’ve had the honor of seeing many clients go on to win multiple CMA, Marconi, and ACM Awards. This year is no different!! I am so proud of Dale Carter at 94.1 KFKF in Kansas City!! For more than 22 years, he’s worked hard to provide amazing personality, content, and fun for his listeners.

Woo-hoo, Dale!! Here’s to the next 20+ years of being a country radio superstar!!

2018 ACM Award Winner for Large Market Personality of the Year!!


Benztown Top 50 AGAIN!!

To be a part of this list every year is such an honor. I wouldn’t be on it without my amazing clients who keep my days so fun, without Nate Zeitz at CESD. A super-big hug to the entire team at Benztown. You guys make radio a very special place to be.


Thankful for My Amazing Clients!

Thanksgiving is a great time to remember all we have and all we are grateful for. Heather Walters Voice! sends big hugs to family, friends, and of course, amazing clients!
Thank you for making 2017 such a grand year!
Not only am I excited to add country giant, 95.5 WFMS in Indy as an imaging client, but I am also the #LadyVoice for the #CirqueWay national ad campaign, and I was recognized as a Benztown Top 5 Female Imaging Voice for the 5th consecutive year!
Also heard on juggernauts 93Q in HoustonCountry 102.5 in BostonKS95 in MinneapolisB98.5 in Salt Lake98.5 KYGO in Denver, and 94.1 KFKF in Kansas City! Plus many, many more…!
WOW!! Grateful, indeed.
Below is a Thanksgiving sample to enjoy this holiday, and I encourage you to visit my demo page to hear more. Contact Nate Zeitz at CESD with questions, to request a custom demo, or to hear more about our bartering partnership with Benztown Branding, LLC.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

How a #VoxyLady say Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year for radio imaging. Copy is so fun, I can’t help myself – I must ad-lib!! lol. Here are a few of my faves from two of my fave clients:




Wishing you the trickiest-and-treatiest of Halloweens!



Hello, Indianapolis! Heather Walters Voice is here!

Heather Walters Voice! is happy to announce its new imaging partnership with 95.5 WFMS, the country champ of Indy. New imaging has already hit the airwaves. I’d love if you listened!

Don’t miss their fabulous programming – Listen here!


Studiobricks Assembly, 5×4 Triple-Wall

For years, my husband, Mike, has been begging me to invest in a top-tier sound room for my voice-over business. According to him, a business owner should invest 10% into their business each year. He says that, but I think he’s just tired of my grouchiness. What can I say? There are only so many leaf blowers, barking dogs, and idling trucks, a voice talent can handle. Either way, he was right.  Continue reading “Studiobricks Assembly, 5×4 Triple-Wall”


DYNAMIC DUO of Country Radio!!

With juggernaut clients like Houston’s 93Q Country, Denver’s 98.5 KYGO, Richmond’s K95, and many more throughout the US & Canada, Heather Walters and Scott Fisher have been called country radio’s Imaging DYNAMIC DUO!!

Their country roster has won… not ONE. Not TWO. But THREE Marconi Best Large Market awards, plus 3 CMA Major Market Station of the Year awards! (Yep, we’re lookin’ at you, 93Q Houston!!). And they couldn’t be more proud!

Scott’s boot-shakin’ baritone + Heather’s feminine charm = one mind-blowing imaging experience!! Hear them for yourself.

Then, contact Nate Zeitz at CESD Talent, Inc. to hire country radio’s Dynamic Duo for your station.


Living well, Voice-Over

VO Tip Friday: Remember to Breathe

Breath is vital.

In life, it sustains us.

In voice-over, it gives our chords flexibility.

As a voice actor, it is easy to get anxious while reading copy. How does this director want me to sound? Did I interpret the copy correctly? I’ve got to nail this! Before you know it, you are ten takes in and your chords have a death-grip on the copy. It’s so hard to work with all that vocal pressure. Relax. Continue reading “VO Tip Friday: Remember to Breathe”

Family, Living well, Voice-Over

Lemon Crinkle Cookies

This Easter is a special one for our family. Glen, our beloved 18-month-old, is at the age where he can independently jump into the fun. He was only 8-months-old last Easter so we basically carried him from egg-to-egg while his cousins zipped around us. And while everyone else searched for prize eggs, Glen had the best time snuggling with Mom and Dad and giggling at all the fun. Life was simple. But I have a funny feeling that this Easter Mike and I will be racing to keep up. Yep, Easter will certainly blow his mind, as if Christmas hadn’t done that already! From his good morning Easter basket to the family egg hunt, from the Easter piñata to our family confetti egg war…

Glen will have a blast!

When asked what we’ll bring to the table this year, I decided on something sweet that would not demand a lot of time or effort. Welcome, Lemon Crinkles!  Continue reading “Lemon Crinkle Cookies”