Dinner Rolls

Easy Homemade Dinner Rolls

Daily planning and multi-tasking are as vital to a voice-over momma as hot tea is to a set of strained vocal chords. We’re busy getting the kids fed and off to school, marketing our business, recording awesome audio for awesome clients, cleaning house, paying bills, recording more audio, running errands, hugging those kiddos when they get home, and prepping dinner, with more mic-time laced throughout the day.

On one of those more hectic days, dinner can easily get moved toward the bottom of the priority list. After all, pizza is only 10-digits and 45 minutes away, right? Continue reading “Easy Homemade Dinner Rolls”

Voice-Over Monitors Make Crawl Tunnel

A Voice-Over Mom’s Homemade Sensory Crawl Space

Forget the sparkles and baubles, when you’re a VO Mom on a budget, new gear is a luxurious delight. I recently acquired a pair of sweet, sweet Yamaha HS-7 studio monitors. Once all the gear was carefully unpacked, peeled out of its styrofoam casing, and plugged into the studio, I poured a glass of red and danced around the room – because, you know, new stuff is fun.

After I came down from that high, I was left with these two awesome Yamaha HS-7 boxes. Glen noticed them, too. And when your baby boy notices a very cool box… well, what else do you do but create an ugly, fun crawl space for him? (Oh, the things you can do with a box!) Continue reading “A Voice-Over Mom’s Homemade Sensory Crawl Space”

Pooh Quotes for Voice-Over Moms

10 Winnie-the-Pooh Quotes Every VO Parent Must Trust

One of my favorite times with Glen is story time. I’ve been reading to him since he was inside my belly. And now, his little face lights up every time I open a book. One of our favorites is Winnie-the-Pooh. For being a bear with “very little brain,” Pooh’s words have impact. Every time I read them, I find yet another nugget of wisdom that I tuck straight into my parenting cap. These are my favorites:

Continue reading “10 Winnie-the-Pooh Quotes Every VO Parent Must Trust”

Voice-Over Power Conditioning

The Importance of Power Conditioning in the Voice-Over World

Houston spent much of this past week under water. Violent lightning splintered the sky and thunder cracked. Creeks and bayous rose, drowning the streets and flooding homes. Families fortunate enough to have a second level, carried everything upstairs to avoid getting drenched in the cold, murky waters. Some people didn’t make it. Some horses didn’t either. It was a rough week, certainly.

Our neighborhood seemed to be one of the only in Cypress that did not take in a lot of water. We did lose power several times over the week, but I am so grateful that is the only thing we lost. And it’s times like this when I am so happy to have a power conditioner on my side.  Continue reading “The Importance of Power Conditioning in the Voice-Over World”

Family Weekend - Voice-Over

Where the Grass is Greenest

On a whim, Mike and I hauled our little family to a nearby town to snap a family photo in a field of Texas bluebonnets. For years, we’ve been watching parents enjoy this annual springtime tradition; and this year, with baby in tow, we joined in. Glen was fantastic, full of smiles and fun. It was so nice capturing this sweet moment because, well, our days are not always this calm and lovely.

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More Tax Tips for the Voice-Over Pro

MORE Tax Deductions for the Voice-Over Pro

As home-based pros, we often focus our tax deducting attention on the easy business deductions, which is a great starting point. This week, let’s expand our reach a bit further. Continue reading “MORE Tax Deductions for the Voice-Over Pro”

Easy Tax Tips for Voice-Over Pro

EASY Tax Deductions for the Voice-Over Pro

I miss the good ole’ days when all I had to do was tap info into Turbo Tax then wait in anticipatory delight to find out how many thou$ands Uncle Sam would return to me. Back then, I was still working in the world of corporate radio where CBS, Cox, or whomever, deducted taxes on my behalf. Now, as a home-based business owner, I am on my own.

Many tax professionals claim millions of Americans overpay their taxes every year, and I used to be one of them. For years, I kept horrible records and never really tracked anything. All my receipts (the ones I could find, anyway) were stuffed in a few different places: a photo box on the shelf, a kitchen drawer, the backseat of my car, in a few different handbags… I clearly did not take my deductions very seriously.

So when April 15th rolled around, I cringed. Watching tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars vanish from a bank account is not an easy thing to do, and it was especially brutal when voice-over became my full-time career. I needed to keep as much of that money as I could.  Continue reading “EASY Tax Deductions for the Voice-Over Pro”