Living well, Voice-Over

VO Tip Friday: Remember to Breathe

Breath is vital.

In life, it sustains us.

In voice-over, it gives our chords flexibility.

As a voice actor, it is easy to get anxious while reading copy. How does this director want me to sound? Did I interpret the copy correctly? I’ve got to nail this! Before you know it, you are ten takes in and your chords have a death-grip on the copy. It’s so hard to work with all that vocal pressure. Relax.

Pretend there is a string on the top of your head that runs the length of your spine. Deep breath in and feel that string pull your body straight. Then exhale and allow breath to gently pass over your vocal chords. Release the tension in your spine.

Deep breathe in. Deep breath out. Repeat as needed.


That’s better.

This is a good rule of thumb while recording, too. Let air easily pass over your vocal chords while you read copy. Now go get ’em!

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