When I decided to reformat my website, I scoured the internet looking for ideas and inspiration. In my search, I realized a couple things about myself:

I am not an audio engineer or a producer. Every time a piece of equipment poops-out in my studio, I have to scrounge around for clues on how to fix it. Fortunately, I know several awesome audio peeps, and they have been awfully nice and willing to rescue me. Lately, I’ve been calling Sweetwater’s tech support, which is pretty darn amazing. When my microphone preamp recently blew its fuse, the Sweetwater guy (which I affectionately call him now) sat on the phone with me for over an hour, telling me how to setup my backup preamp and get up-and-running again. ‘Cuz I had no idea.

I’ve turned into a multi-tasker! Who’d have ever thought that this silly girl, whose pantry, sink spaces, and drawers looked like bombs went off,  would ever get those hidden holes all neat and tidy? And who knew this girl, who left the hospital with her newborn son in a frantic clutch – “They’re just letting us leave with him?!” – would end up navigating this parenting adventure one spit-up filled, diaper exploding (seriously, how does it climb all the way up his back!), 3:00 am wake-up call at a time?

But I’ve learned to navigate it pretty well by balancing, budgeting, and organizing our family’s life. I’m a work-from-home mom and I will share my tips on how to keep yourselves on track while juggling the craziness of work + home.

This site will also include voice-over tips, like combatting allergy season, VO product reviews, something new the beloved Sweetwater guy taught me in our last S.O.S session, plus more. I’ll share newly loved recipes, plus some tasty coffees and teas to help perk up both you and your vocal chords each morning. Who knows!

So this site is dedicated to everyone – behind the mic and beyond – who want more from their experience than knowing which preamp won’t blow its fuse and why.

Work so that you can live. This Voice-Over Lifestyle blog is for you. And my demos will always be here.

Have a happy week, everyone!

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