A Very Special HELLO to Denver’s Country Radio Giant, KYGO-FM!

Heather Walters Voice! is super excited to announce its newest relationship with Denver’s country juggernaut, 98.5 KYGO. For a few special reasons, too:

  1. Simply put, 98.5 KYGO’s program director is awesome. Google John E Kage; a smart visionary with an exciting track-record in radio. It’ll be an honor to work with him.
  2. Once again, I get to be one-half of the super-fierce, dynamic imaging duo of Fisher & Walters. I have lost count of how many stations this cool imaging dude and I voice together, but it started long ago with Houston’s 93Q Country, and extends all the way up into Canada. Here we go again… on another exciting new ride, buddy!
  3. There is no better honor then to have a new client come to you because an existing client sang your praises. Thank you, Johnny Chiang. #93Qcountryhouston

98.5 KYGO is straight-up country heritage, and I am so honored to be chosen as one of its new imaging voices. Let’s do this!

Listen to 98.5 KYGO!

For rates or to request a custom demo, email:

Nate Zeitz (nzeitz@cesdtalent.com)

Hoss (hoss@cesdtalent.com)

Hugs, everyone!


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