Halloween Voice-Over Fun!

Halloween is weeks away and I still can’t decide if Glen should dress-up as Charlie Brown, Clark Kent, or something else… Dumbledore, maybe? Mike and I can accessorize him as Harry and Hermoine. We already have the wands, it could work!

The trick will be convincing Mike to wear a costume. He has a very serious aversion to costumes that very seriously began when he was a toddler. The proof lies in a stack of photos his mom sent us. In one picture, his older brothers proudly sported supercool superhero gear… while poor two-year-old Mike endured Halloween night as a very bitter black-and-white kitten.

Another year, his brothers dressed up as hardcore Ninjas… while Mike was a tear-stained (albeit truly adorable), Woody Woodpecker. The drugstore kind in the plastic mask and apron. Poor Mike.

As for my own costume fails, I only have myself to blame. And maybe my childhood bestie, my partner-in-crime, who equaled me as the neighborhood’s most awkward. I don’t know which was worse, the year we dressed up as DIY California Raisins (there were trash bags involved, we sang in a line, I’d rather not talk about it), or dressing up as GLOW Girls (as in, Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling). Fab idea, but I’m not sure we pulled it off with the flare it deserved.

Oh! Glen as John Cena? (“You can’t see me!”)

Hmmm… maybe not. I’ll keep thinking.

At least my vocals are already dressed up for the season!

Halloween Radio Imaging, courtesy of Adam Hood/Benztown Branding, LLC

Halloween at Seaworld Promo, courtesy of Magic 105.3

Thanks to all the production wizards who always make my vocals sound sugary and delightful, like a Halloween treat!


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